February 25, 2007


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small_437a.jpgI thought I’d talk about vacuuming in this post.  This chore has to be one of the most frustrating for wheelchair users.  When we went shopping for a vacuum Julian and I stood in front of a display with many different kinds trying to figure out what would be best. 

I already knew I wanted a vacuum that wasn’t too heavy, and that was an upright design.  That way I could move it around more easily, and I wouldn’t have to try to drag a canister around.  I would only have to deal with the cord.  Once we narrowed the list down to lightweight, upright vacuums we still had a lot to choose from.

Because I have a latex allergy, we also had to choose a model that didn’t have any rubber parts.  This took a lot of models out of the running right away.  Then Julian found one that really could work.  It’s a Eureka Optima.  It’s lightweight, upright, bagless, has a filter, lots of easy to use attachments, and even has a height adjustable handle!  If I adjust the handle two notches from the shortest setting it’s at a nice comfortable height for me to use. 

All of the buttons are easily accessible and can be used when you have little or no hand movement.  The bin can be unattached or attached with little effort, and it even comes with an attachment for doing curtains. 

 I have a yellow lab guide dog and she sheds quite a bit.  I can easily vacuum the chair she likes to sleep in, her bed, the carpeting in the bedroom, the hardwood floors throughout the condo and also the tiled floor in the bathroom.  It also has a rounded handle, so I can hook my arm in around it to get a better “grip”. 

One trick I found that works for me when vacuuming is to hang the cord over teh handle of the vacuum.  This way it stays up off the floor so I can’t wheel over it.  I still have the cord behind me to deal with, but if I move the cord to the side of the vacuum and ahead of it then I don’t get caught in it so often.

I knwo a lot of wheelchair users use a dustbuster between their feet to do light vacuuming, but when you really need to vacuum, I suggest getting this model of vacuum.  It has made this chore so much easier!


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