March 23, 2007

The American Cafe

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cafeWe’ve been going to The American Cafe since we moved to Altanta.  It’s in Phipps Plaza (a mall here in Atlanta).  The first thing I noticed about this restaurant was how the staff treated me.  Usually when I go out to eat people generally treat me a bit like a child, or like they are thinking “Wow, it’s so nice this person is out in public for awhile!”  It also usually involves the staff asking if my guide dog is a “seeing eye dog” (even though she is wearing a harness and clearly guided me into the building) and then running off to tell the manager there is a dog in the restaurant.  (I’ve had one girl at the Cheesecake Factory do this on numerous occasions!)

The staff at the American Cafe never once asked about Sophie being a guide dog, and have no problem finding the best place for us to sit.  Usually they will ask us which table would be best, and will move the chairs away from the table without acting like it’s a huge deal.  They also speak dirrectly to me, instead of asking Julian if I’d like something to drink etc.  (Believe it or not, this hardly ever happens).

One of the women who works there always comes over to say hello to Sophie when we go there, and we now get asked if we would like our usual table!  The food is great, and so are the staff!  I’d highly recommend this restaurant to everyone, and Phipps Plaza offers some great shopping!


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