April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

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EasterFirst of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter! 

I woke up early this morning, but because I wasn’;t planning on doing anything today I decided I would take the opportunity to sleep in.  It was nice.  I did miss talking to Julian though.  I’m so use to him calling me almost every morning when he;s away I feel like something’s missing today.

I got dressed and ready to take Sophie out a little while after I got up, and when we got in the elevator I smelled something.  Sophie was sniffing the air a lot, and that’s when I realized I had wheeled through dog poo!  A dog had had diarrhea in the middle of the elevator and the owner had just left it there!  They had to have noticed between the smell and the fact that it was right in the center of the floor!

When we got off on the first floor I went out the automatic door and noticed that someone had cleaned up a spot where the dog had had another accident on the way down the hall by the smell. 

It was cold outside, but there was no other dog out there.  Sophie did her thing and I cleaned up after her (unlike the other dog owner), and went back inside.  There was no one around to tell about the mess in the elevator, and the cleaners are off today anyway.  I couldn’t clean it up myself because I couldn’t reach down there and in order to be able to even get close enough to it I would have had to wheel through it again!  Not what I had in mind for Easter!  Especially since Sophie didn’t do it!

When the elevator came to go back upstairs, it was the service elevator.  I’m guessing that the elevator we went down on was stopped for cleaning, or that the other one was broken.  Either way, I was thankful!  I’m also gal there are security cameras in the elevators because if someone saw a tire track going through it they would have just automaticaly blamed it on Sophie because they would have thought of me right away!



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