April 10, 2007

Still no backrest!

Filed under: Disability, Health, Life, Reviews, Wheelchair — Kim & Sophie @ 4:05 pm

backrestWhy did I think that the backrest we ordered from Southwest Medical would actually arrive on time?!  I was suppose to get the backrest for my new wheelchair delivered by UPS today.  I went downstairs 3 times so far today to check to see if it had arrived yet. 

I found out that the UPS truck had in fact dropped off a package for someone else, but my package never did come!  Of course, if I had a tracking number for it, I could have went on their website and checked to see where it was, but Southwest Medical don’t believe in giving their customers tracking numbers!  I guess this explains why.  After all why would they give the person who bought something from them a tracking number when the item isn’t going to come on time?! 

Who would have thought that ordering a wheelchair would be so stressful and irritating?!  So far we went through the nightmare of ordering from Sportaid and having to deal with the inconfidence of the person we had to deal with there.  We’ve had parts of emails totally ignored time and time again.  Our questions weren’t answered, or were very delayed in being answered at all.  There was a problem with ordering the wheelchair with a credit card that wasn’t from the US (even though we’ve ordered using a UK credit card form them numerous times)!  The only way we even found out the new chair hadn’t been ordered was because Julian asked if it had been ordered!  They waited 10 days and didn’t even let us know there was a problem!  Even though they knew my chair is literally falling apart every day!  (Of course we are talking about the same people who sent me a pack of latex gloves after knowing I’m allergic to latex and they could have killed me!) 

 After telling them we needed the cushion first and it was really important because I have a pressure sore they sent me what was suppose to be my Spinergy wheels, backrest supports and cushion.  When I opened the box up it was only my wheels!  After having to go through the horrible process of trying to get more information from them through email, we were informed that the cushion and supports would be coming a week later and that if she had known I neede dit so badily she could have had it shipped sooner!  In that same email when I read back through the older messages she was told on at least 3 seperate occasions that I did have a pressure sore that was getting worse from my old cushion and desperately needed the new one sent asap! 

Southwest Medical on the other hand hasn’t been that hard to deal with, but they don’t believe in giving their customers tracking numbers.  I got my castors a day early, so I guess to make up for it they are sending my backrest a day late!  It’s so annoying!  Medical supply companies seem to have the attitude that they “allow” you to get around so you have to bow down and worship the ground they walk on, because you can’t!  Well that’s why Peachtree Active Living is going to go in a totally different dirrection!  We are going to actually “listen” to the customer and try to “help” them!  Imagine that!


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