April 11, 2007

Sportaid does it again!

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backrestHow did my day go today?  Well, I woke up early to a rainy day and waited until Julian called.  We talked for awhile and while he was at the gym I checked my email, watched some tv and checked on the UPS site to track one of the packages I was expecting to receive today while I waited for him to call me back.

Just before 1pm the package was delievered and I went downstairs to get it.  This package was the backrest from Southwest Medical they told me I would get yesterday.  After asking for a tracking number for it yesterday, they sent it to me and it said it was being delievered today.  I was also expecting a cushion and backrest supporst from Sportaid, but they too hadn’t given me a tracking number and after emailing the girl we have been trying to deal with all supportalong, some other girl emailed me back this morning and said that she wasn’t in today and didn’t even give me a tracking number!

So I went downstairs, hoping against all odds that Sportaid didn’t mess things up yet again and actually got the cushion sent to me.  I was suppose to have it 12 days ago!  Sure enough there were two boxes.  The concierge offered to carry the boxes to my apt. for me, but I could manage them myself.  I also met a new guy that had just moved into the building. 

Once I got the boxes into my apt. and opened them I realized that the backrest was the exact one we ordered.  (Thank you Southwest Medical!), but Sportaid had managed to leave off part of the cushion, and they only sent one backrest support!  We had ordered a pair of supports from their website and paid for a pair!  They had ordered 1 support, 1 support pad, and one kit to attach the pair to the backrest!  This is what Sportaid had ordered from Varilite!  Who orders a support for one side with a new backrest?! 

cushionSo now we have to try to get the missing part of the cushion, which is free, but will most likely be charged shipping, and we will have to re-order the supports and hope to God that they actually send them out the fastest way this time like they should have in the beginning!  Hopefully this time in less than the 12 days it took them last time!


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