About Peachtree Active Living

Have you ever gone to a medical supply store?  If you have, the first thing you might have noticed were the scooters and basic hospital style wheelchairs.  This is how the vast majority of medical supply stores look.  They cater to the aging population who need a basic wheelchair or scotter for getting around on long trips, or who need walkers, various devices to help them get up from a seated position, and maybe a grab bar or two.

Being a wheelchair user myself, I’ve all but given up on medical supply stores.  They probably on average do about 4 or 5 wheelchair orders for the “active wheelchair user” per year!  There are a few medical supply stores that do more, but these are not too common, and most people would have to travel a long way just to get to them.

This is where Peachtree Active Living comes in.  We cater to the “gap” left by the average medical supply stores.  We concentrate on products for active users who are looking for high end medical supplies and ultra lightweight, high proformance wheelchairs!  People who live life to their full potential.  We understand that no one wants their home to look like an “institution”, so we also try wherever we can to sell equipment that looks like it belongs in the home, not in a hospital! 

Once the website is up, you will be able to order supplies, read reviews written by people who use the products before you decide to buy them or not, stop by the message board to chat with other people, and keep up on news relating to athletes who are disabled!  You will also be able to make a “shopping list” for the supplies you need on a regular basis and have them delivered automatically every week, month, 2 months etc.  This is a feature that isn’t offered anywhere else that I know of!

When setting up this company we tried our best to think of al of the things that were missing from other online suppliers and add them to our site.  We also improved on what we could.  Keep watching for the website!  It’s coming soon! 


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